Nebraska Nut Growers Nut Evaluation

The Nebraska Nut Growers Association hosts an annual nut evaluation event for membership to increase the knowledge of known nut cultivars and to identify new, high producing, high quality nut trees. Typical species for evaluation include: Black Walnut, Pecan, Hickory, Butternut, Persian Walnut, Hazelnut and Heartnut, but other species will be accepted and evaluated.

The most recent evaluation summary showing the highest rated nuts for the year is available at the 2022 Nut Evaluations drop down tab.  2022 was a low nut production year for many due to hail and drought.  Less than the usual number of samples were received for evaluation.  Additionally, there is normal seasonal variation from year to year.  NeNGA members have access to additional  evaluation data each year from 2008 to latest year as well as a 20 year summary of 1998-2007.  There was no evaluation for 2020 nuts.

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