Our Mission:

To operate exclusively to educate persons, primarily citizens of Nebraska, in the cultivation, propagation, improvement and use of the nut and fruit trees and bushes.

Welcome to the Nebraska Nut Growers Association (NeNGA) Web site. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Web site where you will find NeNGA nut grower resources such as a calendar of nut growing events, cultivar nut evaluation data, and a scionwood order form. You will also find a membership form, great nut Recipes and links to other nut grower sites.

The Nebraska Nut Growers Association is a leading Nut Grower Organization in the Midwest that promotes the growing of Cultivar Nuts in the Midwest like Black Walnut, Pecan, Hickory, Hazelnut and Northern Pecan. NeNGA has proven Cultivar nuts available for propagation. Come visit us through our meetings, grafting seminars or just contact us if you have questions about growing or evaluating nuts.

Our membership is made up of entrepreneurs to serious production growers. You may contact us and ask any question from "A-Z" on growing High quality Cultivar Nut Trees in the Midwest. We also offer site tours of Nut Orchards in the area and put on educational seminars upon request. You can learn more about our organization by clicking "Nebraska Nut Grower Association" on the top bar.

Eight Reasons To Join the NeNGA

  1. Informative newsletters each year with current event activities and "meet the members"
  2. Yearly nut evaluation results
  3. Spring and fall meetings and field tours
  4. Purchase grafted trees of improved cultivars at annual meetings
  5. Rub elbows with knowledgeable amateur and professional nut growers
  6. Ongoing education, grafting methods, and proper pruning techniques
  7. Help support research and demonstration nut orchards throughout Nebraska
  8. Detailed information for both the hobbyist and commercial producers
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